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Hi Jack,
Dale Christopher Jay commented on your status.
Dale wrote: "I will keep you posted if i get anymore info, i also checked with a friend who lives there & he said he did not see anything. Some of the info from my page,there was lots of faults to many to list. Best wishes & regards. The video stinks to me of CGI, i have a good strike rate when it comes to spotting CGI, i believe this footage was filmed first & then the objects added later. The people "already"on the street filming/looking up are all in on this project. The reactions of the people do not match whats going on(lackluster), this would of been a major event,passers by do not say anything they just look up to see what the staged goons are looking at & then carry on as normal. And where is any other footage from the numerous other sources stood filming/taking pictures of this event? At 2:00, there's one ball that doesnt even completely go through the cloud. When it approaches the cloud, it immediately ends at a part of the cloud that? is extended from it, even though there is visibly blue sky between that part of the cloud and the main part. My sources/leads have stated that this was a hoax done by some workers at "The Mill" a special effects studio in London."The Mill creates pioneering visual effects for the advertising, music, television and film industries. We craft commercials, music videos and generate compelling film and TV. We build installations, projections, applications and create multi-media content and experiences. I researched "The Mill" & got an address to see where in London they were based the post code is - W1W 5DW , now the BBC radio buildings post code is W1W 6AJ coincidently its just round the corner so i think this is worth bearing in mind! I have requested the a copy of the "original" footage from the uploader in its entirety so i can analyze further through software etc ."
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