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Military helicopters are conducting night time operations near ground level at the peaceful and secluded ECETI Ranch in south central Washington. A new video, recorded in the early morning hours of Friday, June 24, 2011 demonstrates the use of industrial noise pollution in psychological warfare attempts to dissuade both local residents and international observers from participating in historic contact with entities from advanced civilizations. The night vision video shows a UFO interacting with a beam of light on the western face of Mt. Adams in a recorded sighting that lasted over 20 minutes duration, an event that occurred two hours after a pair of Chinook-type helicopters reportedly hovered over the ranch close to tree-top level while at least one was captured on camera.

This video, recorded in digital night vision, can be viewed by clicking here. The Vancouver UFO Examiner is conducting field research and reporting from the world-famous UFO hotspot through the upcoming Canada Day and US Independence Day holidays.

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