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In his book NASA Conspiracies British journalist and author Nick Redfern has raised many questions on the space agency efforts in exploring outer space, including the Apollo moon landings, the controversial face on Mars, UFO sightings and other secret space programs.

Redfern has also pondered the allegations that NASA has a secret space program that runs parallel to its publicized missions and has access to technologies far in advance of the space shuttle and space technology. The reported discovery by NASA of some intelligently-designed structures on the surface of the Moon and Venus also form part of his book. "But that is not all: behind the scenes, there is a very different NASA; a darker and shadowy NASA," he writes.

Redfern, who has written for over a decade on issues like visit of aliens in Mexico, lake monsters in Scotland, vampires in Puerto Rico, werewolves in England, ETs, Bigfoot, and crashed UFOs in the United States, sought NASA to at least issue clarifications.

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"This is nonsense. I am working with high level NASA & Military. No such program exists. I wish it did." - Jack Sarfatti
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