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Debates over London UFO video clips have moved into a new turn. Most astronomers and analysts, who studied the YouTube clips, have made the suggestion that those clips would be nothing other than hoax. According to Benjamin Radford, a leading UFO expert, the London UFO video clips are forged.

Radford in his article on London UFOs on CBS News says that those clips might have been prepared by some video editing professionals for the promotion of some forthcoming sci-fi alien film like, ‘Iron Sky.’

Analyzing the clips deeply, he commented that the alleged UFOs looked exactly like the ones reportedly appeared over the sky of Jerusalem early this year.

“The crudeness of the London UFOs may be a sign of fakery. The spacecraft in the video resemble those in an alleged UFO video taken over Jerusalem earlier this year,” says Radford. The Jerusalem UFOs clips were concluded as faked by several UFO experts including Radford.

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