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The nineties was a decade of change, genocide, (Rwanda, Yugoslavia, etc), Operation Desert Storm, and of perhaps the beginning of a new phase in natural disasters (Hurricane Andrew). It also brought information from areas in the world which before there was few if any.

The unprecedented wave of reports which began in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in 1989 reached its peak during 1990-1992, hundreds of cases were catalogued by numerous UFO groups and investigators from those countries, but unfortunately many or most remained un-translated and unknown to most Western researches, perhaps with a few exceptions.

A notable case was reported in Simferopol, located in the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine. Before his encounter in 1990, the witness, a teenager from Yalta, back in the summer of 1928 was loitering in the mountains of the Ai’ Petri plateau, walking among the rocks and crags when suddenly he noticed a strange light emanating from a “karst” (shaft) on the ground. Being curious he approached closer and kept watching the unearthly light from coming out of the shaft. Some time later he was suddenly seized by fear and ran home.

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