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For those who missed it, yesterday was World Disclosure Day, when, presumably, the public will get new information about the ongoing UFO cover-up by governments around the world.

According to a piece on AOL News:

"Pro-disclosure advocates like Stephen Bassett hope people will focus attention on an alleged truth embargo that he says has resulted in the withholding of knowledge by all major world governments about a supposed extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. In addition, supporters are encouraged to discuss how things might change once an official announcement has been made and what policies should—or have been—enacted by world leaders post-disclosure. Bassett is a registered lobbyist who runs the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee, an organization that since the late 1990s has been demanding Congress release information about the presence of aliens as soon as possible. "The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know extraordinary information being withheld from them by their governments -- the truth embargo," he said. "World Disclosure Day will also help broaden public awareness of the disclosure process and those organizations involved in this advocacy work."

To read the rest of the article, click here.
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