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Sherri Racine doesn't appear to be a crazy woman. She lives with her 11-year-old son in an in-law apartment in her parents' home in Danielson.

The 36-year-old school bus driver for Killingly was watching television late on Monday, July 11, when she saw a light hovering above the trees behind the large ranch where she lives. She thought it was odd, since she lives about 400 feet down a driveway off Ledge Road on a 34-acre piece of property. Ledge Road is part dirt, part pavement, and cuts from Bailey Hill to Shippee School House Road in a very rural portion of the town. There are almost 2 miles of undeveloped land between the backyard and Brickhouse Road to the south. Slightly more than 3 miles lie between Ledge Road and Bear Hill Road to the north. The trees are dense around the house, dense all along the road - oaks, pines, birch, typical broad-leaf mix common to this part of Connecticut. There are neighbors on the road, but none are close, and no lights - save the ones issuing from the house - illuminate the area.

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