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A man fishing with friends in a region of the Paraná Delta, between Escobar and Campana, underwent a strange experience when he saw a circular “light” that remained suspended over the trees and then “flew up at a tremendous speed until it became just another dot of light, the size of a star.” This is what Eduardo Ernesto Verón Valussi told AIM. He has been a watcher of the Argentinean skies and has seen UFOs in more than one occasion.

The startled fisherman had never lived through such an experience before and tool a while to make the event known to his companions, as he was very concerned about what they’d think of him. Finally, he plucked up the courage and told his story in detail. In a conversation with this news agency, Verón Valussi recalled that Carlos Escudero and a small group of friends “were on shore, fishing in the serene and beautiful left bank of the Paraná River, in some point of the Paraná Delta, between Escobar and Campana. They would have never imagined the strange, new experience they were about to be involved with.”

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