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Yet again we come across the subject of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and cannot find an explanation for the majority of the cases that suggest the existence – day after day – of something beyond.

We cannot grasp how some authorities endeavor to conceal the subject when increasingly greater numbers of people are interested in really knowing what is going on. However, there are always those who spend their lives deceiving those who are truly interested in the subject, which we consider to be an actual problem.

Fortunately, there are people who have indeed involved themselves in UFO research, such as Chilean captain Rodrigo Bravo, who is also a consultant for “UFO” magazine and who has said on more than one occasion that we are facing a real problem, even though the majority may not believe in subjects of this nature. published Captain Rodrigo Bravo’s thoughts in this regard: “We can no longer deny or ignore the UFO situation. They represent a real and serious threat. Today we are faced by a complex phenomenon whose characteristics cannot be explained within normal terrestrial circumstances. ”

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