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Just a few days ago I was lecturing in San Antonio, Texas on the subject of my most recent book, The Real Men in Black. Although the lecture was primarily UFO-based, after it was over one of the attendees came up to me and asked: “What will happen if we find Bigfoot?”

Well, I replied that it would be great news for those of that look for such things, as, finally, we would no longer be viewed as the crazies and whackos that many assume us to be!

Afterwards, however, I began to ponder deeper on that particular question. And, doing so raised a number of thought-provoking issues – granted, they’re all highly speculative but, in my mind, they’re worth considering.

Let’s say tomorrow – and in an admittedly incredible stroke of luck – someone out in the woods stumbles upon the newly-dead body of a Bigfoot. They call the police, the FBI, the media, maybe even the White House! And, within hours, the entire world finally knows the amazing truth: Bigfoot is real.

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