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Two days after Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials brought in a mystery carcass, found in rural Douglas County, no positive identification has been made.

D.N.R. Area Wildlife Supervisor Kevin Kotts said Friday that after examining the remains, there are no clear signs of it not being a badger, however its longer tail is inconsistent with badgers he has seen.

Kotts said there are clear signs that the animal was hit on the road, suffering skull fractures, but an intact jaw could help determine a positive identification.

He said he expects fur trappers who have more experience with local mammals to examine the carcass in the near future. Kotts said the animal was taken to the Glenwood D.N.R. office and it has since been frozen.

Still unidentified. If this carcass is handed over to the Feds for further analysis, as I suspect it will be, don't be surprised if it simply disappears and nothing more is heard about it.  To read the rest of the article, click here.
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