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The latest batch of hitherto classified Ministry of Defence (MoD) files includes grainy black and white pictures, taken several days after the sightings in 1981 by USAF airmen at RAF Woodbridge, showing a police officer inspecting the supposed landing site in Rendlesham Forest.

Among stacks of memos and correspondence between military staff and ministers, is a series of parliamentary questions tabled between 1998 and 2001 by retired Chief of Defence Staff, the late Lord Hill-Norton, on aspects of the Rendlesham UFO incident - often described as Britain’s Roswell.

UFO expert Nick Pope, who spent three years investigating sightings for the MoD and has written extensively on Rendlesham, said his employers had been frustrated by Lord Hill-Norton, whom they once described as being seen as “a champion of the case”. Mr Pope continued: “It was clear this incident was of defence significance and people like Lord Hill-Norton were prepared to say the MoD’s policy and public stance didn’t stand up to scrutiny.

“Part of the embarrassment for the MoD was that no one cordoned the area off or carried out a thorough investigation of the scene. This smacks of incompetence rather than cover-up.

It is unlikely there will ever be one.  To read the rest of the article, click here.