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Out here in rural Washington County, wildlife is abundant. I shoot all the deer I need within 100 yards of my back door. Wild turkey are as common as crows. Black bear are regularly spotted in the township, and even the occasional cougar.

But last month may be the first alleged sighting of Sasquatch in Washington County, and Ripple in Stillwater has learned that it occurred about 5 miles or less from our world headquarters here in Stillwater Township.
On July 6, a farmer and his wife were walking through the woods next to their hayfield north of Stillwater when they heard a low grunting sound. The farmer whipped out his new iPhone and shot about 5 seconds of video of something running through the woods. It wasn’t until he looked at it a few days later that he realized that it may not have been a deer after all.
To read more and view the video, click here.