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My first memories are rather sketchy but the main ones I can remember are as real to me as today is. I was the only child so I had to be under three years of age. I can remember playing with one in particular. He was a boy child ET and he could come and go like a hologram. I believe I was trained by him with ESP for the first time before reaching 3. It could have been at 2 because I knew him for a long time and remember very certainly when my mother left him in the house. I have vivid memories of Mother not letting him go with us and she would allow me to stand in the back seat. 

I called him Cleo. Not LEO. Mother was amazed at my friend because he could never see him but she soon learned how important he was and asked me why she could not see him. I told her he didn't like grown ups because every time she would come into my room he would disappear. Mother told many people later about my friend. In the later years as a child there was a movie with an actor named Jimmy Stewart who had a friend that was a tall white rabbit. It would make me very upset when mother would tell her friends about that movie and compare my alien ET friend to him. They weren't the same at all. So, this was when I learned about holograms as a child and then when they could also touch objects and make them move. This was how they taught me about telekenesis.

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