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Were James Forrestal’s mental problems caused by the UFO project he was managing for the Truman administration in the late 1940s?

This has always been an open question in view of the man’s apparent suicide at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington D.C. on 22 May 1949, when he fell from a 16th floor window in the early hours of the morning. Now tantalizing new evidence has emerged which is suggestive of a link between the UFO cover-up and Forrestal’s crippling paranoia which had resulted in his hospitalization.

Forrestal was the US Secretary of Defense from 17 September 1947 (several weeks after the Roswell UFO crashes) until his declining mental health caused President Harry Truman to ease him out of office in early 1949. Forrestal, a former highly respected Secretary of the Navy, had shown no signs of mental instability until the day of his crucial meeting with Truman in the Oval Office on 24 September 1947 shortly after his promotion.

In a new ebook available on the Scribd website, “Secret History: And Why Barack Obama Must End It,” author Tony Brunt links this meeting between Forrestal, Truman and science administrator Vannevar Bush with Forrestal’s first sign of paranoia, his decision to go out that same day and buy a revolver.

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