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The following Bigfoot sighting was reported by Rick Wheeler, recounting an encounter that took place in October of 2010. Bigfoot Finder is currently looking into the details of the encounter to determine the accuracy of the claim and descriptions. If you have any evidence refuting this sighting, please comment below.

Recently there has been a tremendous uproar in the Bigfoot community.  I came across your site recently and have really enjoyed MOST of the articles.  You can definitely tell when someone is lying and I find it funny, but at the same time interesting that people would do this.

What are the profits from lying about a Bigfoot encounter?  Is it the publicity?  Is it the hopes of getting on the next Finding Bigfoot episode?  My worries are that we have too many hoaxes and not enough people taking this seriously.  I can, without any hesitations, concur that Bigfoot is real.  I would like to share my story.  About a year ago I was hiking through the woods northwest of Sisters, OR when I was approached by a Bigfoot.  It was early morning October, the air was crisp and it was an event that I will never forget.

I’d like to start with the night before.  My wife and I were camping outside Camp Sherman when we started hearing loud high pitched roars, followed by a few hoots.  Now, I know some people automatically contribute these noises to being Bigfoot, but believe me when I tell you; this is not what we first concluded.  It is hard to describe exactly what we were hearing on paper, but it definitely wasn’t coyotes and I believe the black bears in that area to be mostly mute.

Anecdotal, but interesting nonetheless.  To read the rest of the article, click here.
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