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Let's see the usual hack debunkers and skeptics debunk this one. Truly mind boggling. Given the scale and precision of the formation and the type of soil conditions, one would think that some kind of heavy equipment as in vehicles of some sort would be required, which there are absolutely no signs of. To read more, click here.

There was a large scale land art project called "Desert Breath," done in Egypt back in 1997, that created a huge spiral formation, but you can clearly see from the photos on one of the links below, that it's not of the huge complexity, precision, and scale as this latest Chinese land circle, and has obvious vehicle and foot tracks in and surrounding it. This is a huge scale object. To think that some clever hoaxers tiptoed into the area carrying baseball stadium type chain drags, or something along those lines, just doesn't add up. Particularly out in the boonies of China? But almost anything is possible. Links to the Egyptian art project below: