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I'm fed up.

Yet again, a few days ago, someone told me they saw a UFO in the early morning sky and immediately assumed it is unquestionable evidence that aliens exist and that they are visiting Planet Earth, raping and pillaging the locals!

After a big sigh, and a little sly questioning on my part, we discover they had witnessed nothing more than Venus rising in the dawn sky and the flashing lights were the distorting effect of the atmosphere.

So am I.  I'm particularly fed up with this kind of transparently dishonest knee jerk debunking from so-called "experts," who should allegedly know better. How many freaking times are we going to dredge up the planet Venus as a catch-all explanation for any and all reported UFO sightings?  But of course, all this is to be expected from the tightly managed mainstream media.  As if the common misidentification of a celestial object as a UFO implies that all UFO sightings are in the same category. To read the rest of this drivel, click here.
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