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One of the late Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quotes is “ANY SUFFICIENTLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY WILL APPEAR INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM MAGIC.” When things are hard to believe, people often refuse to believe and skeptics have a field day. One of the things I try to do in my Alien Log books and my lecture is to remove the mystique associated with UFOs. I try to give a “nuts & bolts” explanation for the fantastic things that have been reported. I believe my years as an engineering professor have prepared me for this by teaching me how to explain complex things is a way that is easy to understand. I try to do this using only three dimensions plus time and using classical physics plus a little relativity thrown in. I stay away from parallel universes, eleven dimensions, worm holes, and time travel. While I do believe that time dialation does allow us to go into the future, I am skeptical about going backward in time.

Trained observers have reported UFOs making maneuvers at fantastic speeds, well beyond our own technological capabilities. 100 G accelerations and high G manuvers with near right angle turns are just a few things these craft are capable of doing. Any skeptic reading reports of 100 G accelerations will use that as evidence that the reports can’t be true else the occupants would be crushed. Our best pilots in our best planes are limited to 10 Gs before damage occurs to the plane or the pilot. The same goes for right angle turns. Another observation is these craft have been clocked flying at thousands of mile per hour yet they do not produce shock waves. How can that be?

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