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"It is only since I left the MOD (in 1977) that I have seriously tried to consider what may possibly lie behind the “UFO phenomenon”. It was impossible to discuss it seriously within the Department: I would merely have “rubbished” my working relationship with the RAF and scientific colleagues if I had disclosed the interest I felt in the better reports which reached us. What I retain from my MOD experience – greatly reinforced by much that I have since read – is that the “phenomenon” is veridical and important, and that the expert methodology developed over the past century by scholarly people in the field of the so-called “paranormal” may possibly be relevant… All I can be quite sure of is that we, in ufology, are dealing with transient and somewhat insubstantial events of a bizarre character, and that we are not alone in doing so. I think they matter. I also think that we and the “parapsychologists” might have some useful exchanges." Ralph Noyes from Openminds.TV