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Call it a close encounter of the Las Cruces kind.

Jude Fiebert, who has lived in Las Cruces since 1982, isn't convinced that what she saw was an alien ship. But she would like to know what's behind the enormous yellow sphere rising in the East on Friday night.

"It was an enormous light rising over the Organ Mountains on the east side of town at midnight (Friday)," she said. "I was looking out and I can see the Organ Mountains. Then there's this enormous yellow sphere rising from behind the mountains. It's not a moon, just an enormous yellow sphere."

She said the orb, which appeared to be the orange and yellow color often seen in a Harvest Moon, was five or 10 times the size of the sun rising over the mountain.

"It started flaking off little red flakes and sinking down into the mountain. It seemed like the flakes were burning off," she said. "I know it wasn't a full moon ... we just had one two weeks ago."

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