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There can be no doubt that the UFO phenomenon is a fascinating subject. Some of us are so enthusiastic about it that it drives us crazy. Intoxicated by the stimulation, passion and richness of this discipline, the joys of ufology sometimes drives us nuts. That's when we become "saucer happy".

Doña María is a resident of Vigo (Galicia) in her fifties. A fan of space, UFOs and the Beyond, she has spent many years reading all kinds of magazines and books on esoteric lore--an interest she combines with her great passion for the pink press. I wasn't surprised to find that on that summer morning in 1992, my companions from the Vigo Center for Psychobiophysical Research should be so interested in my meeting her. Doña María presented herself as a consummate psychographic contactee, placing at our disposal dozens of notebooks filled with psychographic messages and mediumistic drawings. Doña María, like many other contactees, claimed that alien beings had infiltrated all walks of human society. Some of them even posed as very popular personalities--a fact stressed by numerous contactees and even certain researchers...

I can vouch for that. It definitely can be intoxicating, particularly if you've personally witnessed them on more than one occasion. To read the rest of the article, click here.