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In looking at the construction of the Great Pyramid then of course we go over familiar ground as to what others have done and written in their investigations on this subject. However, as the years go by further knowledge is added to that which is already known which in many cases deepens the mystery as to how and why it was built?We have to go into great detail of how and why others believe it was built, as to be able to better understand the knowledge Aramac (an extraterrestrial ) has passed on to me, of his explanation of how and why it was constructed?

To begin with it has been thought and taken for fact that the Great Pyramid was built for King Khufu as a burial tomb. This is because his name was written in hieroglyphic markings inside the construction. But, there is great doubt to its authenticity. Some were wrongly spelt, and some with bad grammar, making them appear to be fakes. The theory of a Royal tomb, historians have taken and speak about it as fact even though there is no firm evidence that this was so. The Egyptologist’s say the reason no body has been discovered in the Great Pyramid, was because before it was completed the treasures that were supposed to have been placed there, were stolen. The Pharaoh then abandoned the idea of using the pyramid as a tomb, and used a burial site underground instead.

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