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Orbs,  saucer shaped UFO's,  diamond shaped  bright lights, disc's , cigar shaped, mother ships and  groups of  lights  have  been reported  by people all over the world flying or hovering in their skies.

It is obvious that there is a large assortment of unknowns  traveling through space that we  simply do not understand.  This is nothing new.  People from the  beginning of our human history have been leaving  reports of odd things being seen in our sky.  You can  find  reference to these things in ancient artwork as well as the stories passed down  concerning  lights, crafts and beings coming from our skies  originating from all parts of this world.

I   noticed a few years ago a new type of sighting  being reported from around the world of  large building size crafts.   I  wrote about it  describing what was told to me by those who encountered these strange sightings.

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