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Three clips of UFOs allegedly filmed in Guangzhou, China have appeared on the Internet recently, all showing the objects' detailed structures.

The first video was reportedly filmed from bus 582, with no date given, the second by a resident in Cencun on Aug. 6, 2010. The latest one was filmed above a canal in Cencun, allegedly on Aug. 30, just a few days ago. The scene in that one was chaotic, with people screaming in the background.

Many believe the videos are fake because the footage is too clear, as if watching scenes from a science fiction movie. The UFOs' three-dimensional structures are apparent with corresponding variation in sound as their respective distances from the camera vary.

The Chinese who analyzed the video online in slow motion identifies himself as a film and television post-producer, and gives four arguments against the possibility that it is man-made:

The first video is a pretty obvious After Effects job, but the second video taken over the rooftops is pretty amazing! To read the rest of the article, click here.

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David wrote: "All three videos are fake. Who looks at stuff like this and finds it compelling?"