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Since at least the mid-1990s, dark and sinister stories have surfaced from the forests and lowlands of Puerto Rico that tell of a strange creature roaming the landscape, while striking overwhelming terror into the hearts of the populace – which is not surprising since the animal is sometimes described as having a pair of glowing red eyes, powerful, claw-like hands, razor-sharp teeth, a body not unlike that a monkey, and very occasionally even large and leathery bat-like wings. And if that were not enough, the beast is said to feed on the blood of the local animal population. Puerto Rico has a monstrous vampire in its midst. Its legendary name is the Chupacabra.

I have been to Puerto Rico on a number of occasions, and I can say for certain that theories absolutely abound with respect to the true nature of the animal. Some researchers and witnesses suggest that the beast is some form of giant-bat. Others prefer the rumor that it had extraterrestrial origins. While the most bizarre idea postulated is that the Chupacabra is the creation of a Top Secret genetic-research lab hidden deep within Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest. And, of course, there are those who think the whole thing is nonsense – a phenomenon borne purely out of a combination of mistaken identity, hoaxing, mythology and folklore.

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