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So many intelligence agencies were secretly getting copies of Billy Meier?’s photos and films from his processing laboratory in Switzerland in the 1970s and 1980s that often the CIA’s copy was from the end of the queue. That was the advice that respected UFO researcher, Wendelle Stevens, received from an informant in the know who contacted him in February 1989.

The informant, a former American intelligence operative in retirement who was happy to sign his letter with his real name (though censored by Stevens), said that in the early days of Meier’s fame American intelligence had looked him over “from asshole to appetite” in an investigation of the “light touch variety, meaning use no force, make no scars, and leave no traces of the investigation,” the man wrote. “Which is to say play tourist, pack a camera, and take a lot of pictures, tell a lot of lies, and ask a lot of questions. Most country’s intelligence systems get pissed if they catch you screwing off on their turf. So do not accuse us of any break-ins, and that type of thing, because it happened back in the days when Billy was in fact liberal with what he gave away.”

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