Years ago one of the first articles  I  wrote  was about  my own strange  encounter with a red orb.

This event took place in the early 1970's  while I was living in the town of  Babylon  New York  located  on the south shore of  Long Island  New York.

I was married at the time. It was late summer. I was in my bedroom on the second floor of our  home getting ready for bed. It was about 11 o'clock that evening. 

The bedroom had a large window on one wall adjacent to the bed. The window looked out over a small grove of pine trees standing between our house and our neighbors’ house.

The trees stood between  30 to 40 feet high. I glanced out the window as I changed into a long tee shirt  I slept in at the time.

 As I went about the business of preparing for bed I thought I saw something outside  the  window out of the corner of my eye.  I stood up to get a better look  . In the tree at the center of my window , one of the biggest trees, up near the top--sat a large glowing red orb, just hovering there.

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