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I’m sure many will call this a hoax and who would blame them. However, I’d advise that we not jump to conclusions here.

On 17, September, an as yet unnamed Photographer was talking pictures of the Freedom Tower from the roof terrace of the new Museum located on Bowery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It was late afternoon and he was getting free hand shots of the construction. It was a standard shoot and he noticed nothing out of the ordinary

That is to say, nothing out of the ordinary until later that night when he examined the pictures. It was then that he noticed the odd diamond shaped object in 4 frames of the set he had done. On closer inspection he noticed markings and windows on what appeared to be some sort of craft.

The object “had to be moving at an incredible rate of speed for it to have moved as far as it did give the frame rate it was captured at”, said the photographer. He also noticed faint blue and red lights coming from the UFO.

The photog immediately filed a report with MUFON.

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