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If the US Government had sufficient concern about UFOs during the phenomenon’s early years, they most certainly would have quietly heard out the “Great Minds” of the time for their views on the subject.

A little-known tape of a famed broadcaster’s lecture that was delivered over sixty years ago suggests that is precisely what had happened. It also suggests that Albert Einstein was one of those brilliant scientists. In the tape, which can be heard below, we learn that Einstein and other science notables had expressed to President Truman their concern about the unknown objects, including those seen flying above our nation’s Capitol. The scientists beseeched Truman not to attempt to shoot down the UFOs.

Related information has surfaced that reveals that Einstein had maintained a long-standing and close relationship with a physicist who was a key member of a CIA UFO study group. The group that was organized in the same year as the mass UFO flights over the Capitol.

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