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Is it possible that Russian “yetiologists” are closer than ever to finding proof of the Abominable Snowman’s existence? RT’s correspondent Lida Vasilevskaya attended a meeting and saw the evidence with her own very eyes.

­A Yeti… conference?

I was standing in a dark damp cave looking down at the huge trace left by someone on the ground. The footprint was three times larger than my own. We seemed to have found it, the Yeti. Just two days ago, I had been skeptical of anything related to the Yeti. At least it seemed justified to feel that way.

“I am away to attend the conference on Yeti,” that is what I had told each one of my friends before I left. Every time we laughed together and it was okay, because if I was serious about it everyone would pity me and advise seek help from a psychiatrist.

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