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The study of UFOs requires investigators whose credentials and methods are above reproach. If the UFO phenomenon is ever to be taken seriously by a majority of the public—and more importantly, by the scientific community, which seems determined to ignore objective evidence of the phenomenon—investigators must adhere to the highest standards of documentation and analysis. A willingness to gather and examine evidence carefully and objectivity is crucial if such evidence is to be considered credible.

While sightings and encounters with UFOs have been documented throughout the centuries, modern technology affords us an unprecedented opportunity to amass objective evidence of their existence. Today, with the exception of third world countries, a significant majority of people of every age and background carry a phone in their possession capable of taking digital photographs and video, exponentially increasing the likelihood that someone, somewhere will eventually capture a sufficiently high-resolution, close-up view of a UFO—or its occupants. Until that day, we must rely on the tireless work of a handful of men and women who have doggedly pursued incontrovertible evidence of, and explanations for, UFOs.

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