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Morgan Beall has one thankless job as MUFON section director for southwest Florida. The chances of working a case as spectacular as Stephenville ‘08 or Phoenix ‘97 are — as always — remote. He chases sighting reports from his home in Fort Myers without a salary or even reimbursement for mileage. Most of those incidents have unambiguous origins. All too often, when he ventures a prosaic explanation, the witnesses don’t want to hear it, and argue with him.

“When that happens, a lot of times we’re looked at as government agents assigned to misinform,” says Beall of his fellow field investigators. “And to the mainstream media, we’re just crackpots looking for little green men all the time.”

Dude can’t win.

But lately, the environmental consultant is actually getting excited about the future of his research. That’s because, as MUFON’s director of technology, he and his colleagues are looking to unveil a mobile app they hope could be a game-changer. It’s called UFO Connect, and its official unveiling is Nov. 12.

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