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This report is about evidence drawn from Google Mars brought to my attention by viewer Mark Wells. Note that coordinates are given on each image to facilitate verification in Google Mars.

Note in order that the 1st thru 4th images are of some possible civilization evidence in the form of a transport system on the Mars surface. Second will be the 5th thru 6th images of evidence of surface water in a liquid state in a crater system and finally a single 7th image showing a wide-angle context view relationship that both of these different evidence sites have with being in the vicinity of the now famous Hale Crater site and its civilization evidence. So here we go.

These Google Mars images are intriguing, if they aren't digital artifacts or glitches.  The fact that the image of the alleged track disappears in the adjacent mosaic image, however, might indicate that it was some kind of glitch.  But who knows? To read more, click here.