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Margie Kay, 54, was born in Kansas City, Missouri, grew up there and earned a B. A. in Business from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and an M. A. in Technical Writing in 2000 from Harrington College. She now owns an Independence, Missouri, company east of Kansas City that specializes in the cause and origin of fires. She is also interested in the mystery of unidentified aerial objects in Missouri skies and is a member of the Mutual UFO Network and serves as Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON focused on phenomena in Kansas City.

She told me this week that in a normal year, all of Missouri might have seven to ten reports of unidentified aerial craft, lights or beams. But beginning in April 2011, she realized she was getting that many reports each month. For instance, in May 2011 over a two-day period, MUFON Missouri received seventeen eyewitness reports. There was a steady up tick until October 3 to 4, when the numbers shot up to 40 new cases submitted between October 6 to 7. By October 12, Margie Kay was receiving so many reports, she stopped taking voice mail and referred callers to the Missouri MUFON website and email address contacts.

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