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According to information made available on Monday, November 21, 2011, a recent UFO sighting that took place in St. Petersburg, Russia was captured on video. What that video shows is pretty strange, even by UFO standards. A collection of lights or bright orange glowing orbs floated in the dark night sky. The orbs were initially arranged to form a boomerang or chevron shape. After a few seconds, the lights seemed to rearrange themselves into a different pattern like a cross or x-shape.

The seven orbs slowly shifted and moved, but never drifted or flew away from each other so that the UFO retained basically the same size, if not the same shape. Although the lights exhibited the warm orange glow common to Chinese lanterns, the overall size and shape of the UFO makes it unlikely that this common explanation is appropriate in this case. By watching the video on the left of this page, it is evident that the unidentified flying object cannot be explained by an airplane or helicopter either.

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