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As we approach 2012 one has to ask themselves "is anything going to happen"? There is a lot of speculation out there surrounding the year 2012. Some say it is the year for full disclosure.

Do I believe that disclosure is imminent?

I believe that disclosure has already happened to a limited extent. Countries around the world have released files that prove without a shadow of a doubt that we are in  fact being visited by ET's from other worlds as well as other dimensions.

Why is this one might ask?

I believe the reason is that contact with the earth is going to happen. The governments of our world have been preparing their peoples for this contact. The aforementioned preparation has been done though every form of media over the past 60 years or so.

Additionally UFO sightings are at an incredible high as opposed to years past. More and more people are seeing and reporting these objects. Is this because of the public readiness program?

I wouldn't bet on it.  To read more, click here.