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While hunting alone in a remote part of Western Nevada recently, Robert Pitzer bagged himself a UFO. In fact, there wasn't much of a chase: The unidentified flying object touched down almost on top of him.

Pitzer was lugging a 12-gauge shotgun across the hardscrabble Nevada landscape when he looked up to see a bizarre object descending slowly toward the ground. He got out his phone and snapped some photos, racking his brain to figure out what the object might be. "It looked different than anything I've ever seen, without a doubt," Pitzer told ABC News 10 in his hometown of Auburn, Calif.

The strange object touched down near Pitzer — the only human being for miles — and bobbed up and down for a while in the wind. Pitzer tied it to a rock.

"I still didn't know quite what was going on," he said. "But I figured it's an experimental aircraft. That's when I noticed the JP Aerospace sticker on it."

"Tied it to a rock!" I love it! To read more, click here.