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Something is wrong with the sun

Cosmologists and astronomers determine the age of things like planets, stars and galaxies. And they use that datathe best they haveto determine the age of Earth's sun.

They determined during the past century that the sun's nearly 5 billion years old. Everyone was happy because according to observations of other stars similar to the sun that meant the Earth's star would last at least another several billion years.

That question settled, the scientists ate well, slept well, and collected handsome honorariums for speaking engagements.

Everything was copasetic and the universe was in harmony.

Until 2010.

During 2010 three unprecendented events took place.

Even if it was in its terminal stages as a main sequence star, which is highly doubtful, it wouldn't be an overnight affair. ;-) All the more reason to develop interstellar propulsion technology asap. To read more, click here

Reader beware - the source of this article is very very flaky. Do not believe it on face value. - Jack Sarfatti