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Summary. Luminous orbs seen moving across the sky sometimes behave as if they are under intelligent control. This article discusses evidence that some orbs are made with covert technology which can create balls of glowing plasma in the atmosphere from a distance. The orbs appear also to be used as pixels for drawing three-dimensional objects in the sky. Plasma balls, plasma ball formations in the sky, and some crop formations on the ground may be elements of a research methodology, perhaps designed to understand extraterrestrial technology.


For many years, mysterious luminous spherical objects, or orbs, have been seen in the sky. Their role in popular culture is implied by the millions of hits returned by Google when queried with "balls of light in the sky". Many orbs are white in color, but red, orange, yellow and green orbs have been seen as well. Some have been explained as meteors entering the earth's atmosphere, while others have been attributed to mundane human activity such as the release of chinese lanterns. But many orbs are said to behave as if they are controlled by an intelligent agent. For example, they sometimes change direction like an aircraft, or several appear to cooperate to form patterns in the sky. The number of orbs in a sighting have ranged from a single orb to hundreds forming large "flotillas". The latter may contain subgroups that appear to drift in different directions across the sky.

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