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Victoria, Argentina: The passing of the years has not caused the UFO phenomenon to dwindle at all over Victoria. Quite the contrary, each passing day brings a new sighting, a new eyewitness account.

We often believe that we are going against what is commonplace in other locations, where sightings occur at given times of the year, following schedules, only every so often etc.

None of this applies here. There are no case histories that resemble those that we have heard other analysts of the phenomenon bring up. It’s as though they lived here, much like any one of us. They come and go as they please, when the feel the need to do so.

Our research has a strong focus of interest, and it is the river. A subject that has earned us our share of headaches, but a number of researchers have done no less than prove us right. The intelligent behavior of these lights, as they enter and leave the river’s waters, puts their structure on display – a kind of small probe, but with the great possibility of making themselves appear as large as they wish.

At first it was very hard to make people take notice of what was going on in the water. Who could think that what we were showing was anomalous?

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