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The Project Blue Book files are chock full o’ reports involving UFO interaction with water, and naturally most are pretty bizarre. But none have more thoroughly riveted Bob Schroeder than the so-called Wanaque Incident in 1966.

This one was reported by a New Jersey cop, back in the day when an ongoing government study gave Americans cover to talk about this stuff without being made to feel like wackos. Responding to a dispatch call about a sighting in the Wanaque Reservoir area one autumn evening, Sgt. Ben Thompson watched in awe as a massive object lit the night sky over the lake. There were other witnesses as well, but what Thompson saw was a real show-stopper. His words:

“As it went over the trees — which would be on the mountain to the west — it would sort of pull the tops of the trees together. In other words, it had sort of a suction effect. . . . And it also pulled the water upward. It was sucked upward. And when this thing flew away from the area, the water would just settle right down again.”

That got Schroeder to thinking. If UFOs involve anti-gravity, as one popular theory holds, shouldn’t the cop have seen reverse effects on the environment, such as downward pressures on trees, grass, water, whatever? “What we’re seeing instead,” he says from his home in Sudbury, Mass., “are attractive fields, not repulsive fields.”

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