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“The reason for publishing this account,” writes Carlos Iurchuk, editor of Argentina’s El Dragon Invisible, “so soon after having received it is in the hope that it may be possible to contact some of the other people who participated in this event.” We do not know if Mr. Iurchuk was ever able to get hold of any other witnesses to the event described below, which was sent to his publication in e-mail form by one of the percipients.

On September 27, 2005, a man identifying himself only as “juanperez 19” submitted the following e-mail to El Dragón Invisible. After introducing himself, and promising that he would tell his story step-by-step, he described his experiences at length:

“It was 1978, and Argentina was on the verge of going to war with Chile. Along with thousands of other soldiers, we were stationed and trained in less than eight months to face this contingency. And that’s how we learned to live – armed to the teeth, sharing our lives stoically in a hostile, unforgiving environment. In one of our forays (to Quilcha, less than three hundred meters from the border) we spent many nights on watch. Observation was our number one priority.

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