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We have visitors to our neighbourhood. They arrived unannounced and discreetly took up residence in the vicinity of Mercury: a planet aptly named after the Roman Messenger of the Gods. For this is – indeed - big news; not least because the vehicle that they arrived in is of truly gargantuan dimensions. This is a starship so vast, it could quite easily accommodate many millions of individual entities and the support systems necessary to sustain them on their long voyages across the Universe.

Now we do not know exactly who it was: among the scientific community that monitors these cosmic events, who first noticed the presence of this alien, pseudo planetoid. And the chances are we never will, because it was never the intention: of that community, to tell us about the arrival of this colossal, interstellar wayfarer in our Solar System. In fact, it is patently obvious now, that they were going to do their damnedest to hide this spectacular event from us.

I doubt it. ;-)  This digital artifact has already been explained. To read more, click here.