According to a new video dated December 30, 2011, UFO’s can be distinguished from conventional aircraft by vibrant pulsating infrared light emissions when observed through night vision devices. This conclusion validates observations conducted in Southwestern British Columbia in early 2011 where video evidence (scheduled for release in 2012) shows pulsating infrared light emissions from a UFO that multiple witnesses claim displayed no variance in luminous intensity when seen in visible light.

The latest installment on legendary YouTube channel seeingUFOsPA contrasts landing lights from commercial jet airliners and military helicopters with something “unlike anything ever seen” by one witness, described in the video as a Tactical Intelligence Surveillance Expert from the Pennsylvania State Police. In addition to substantial instrumental evidence, Murrysville, PA videographer Alison Kruse cites what the US Federal Aviation Administration calls a “PA UFO” in reports obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Ms. Kruse described her ground-breaking research and public outreach initiative to The Secret Message Report in a 65 minute podcast interview, now available online

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