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Jack Sarfatti quote: That's a lot of dark matter. So is the Higgs boson this elusive dark matter particle (or particles) then?

Nope. But it may be a key to dark matter, physicists say.

The Higgs boson is the physics particle that gives other particles their mass. Essentially it interacts with them to increase their resistance to being moved faster, which we can measure as mass.

Because the Higgs boson's basic job is to interact with other physics particles to give them mass, "the Higgs boson can interact with dark matter very easily," Caltech's Sean Carroll explained on NPR's Science Fridayshow after the recent "God particle" announcement. "Dark matter is one of the most exciting implications of this discovery," Carroll said.

How? That brings us back to Feng's rerun of the universe. "Having a particle out there theoretically just a little heavier than the Higgs boson, which interacts with it, is waving a red cape in front of the eyes of physicists," Feng says. "There is a lot more data coming from CERN ahead that may reveal the dark matter particle."