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    • Jack Sarfatti ‎"the balloon, like Schrödinger’s cat, would also be left in limbo, existing simultaneously in all its possible sizes--and the occupant of the balloon would simultaneously exist in many, slightly different, rates of time.

      But Aharonov’s balloon is more than just an exotic version of Schrödinger’s cat. For Aharonov determined that once in a very great while the simultaneous tiny distortions of time can add up to one enormous distortion in one direction or the other. Any two particular sizes for the balloon, determined by two observations of the particle, are like the two possible paths for the electron in the two-slit experiment. Classically the two possibilities are independent, but quantum mechanically they affect each other. At any moment, says Aharonov, the balloon exists in a sort of superposition of many states. When the observations are made, all those states affect one another. In a sense the overlapping expansions and contractions of the balloon are like the overlapping peaks and troughs of waves, which can sometimes amplify themselves into one superpeak or supertrough. In this case, for anyone inside the balloon, a superpeak would correspond to his being hurtled into the future. A supertrough, on the other hand, would correspond to time running backward."
      Blow up a balloon very, very fast, or zip around a pair of cosmic strings, and y...See More