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Whether or not Chase Brandon’s Roswell UFO story has legs obviously depends on the MSM’s inclination to run with the ball. They’ve been warming up to it since June 23, when the retired CIA operative told Coast-To-Coast AM that the Agency had UFO material from the 1947 mystery stashed in its Historical Intelligence Collection files. But if the trend holds, they’ll lose all followup ardor soon enough and it’ll be a dead duck, as usual.

And that’s too bad, because someone here is clearly lying. Last week, De Void asked the CIA if a) its HIC was in possession of Roswell data, and b) would Brandon have had access to that material?Agency PIO Jennifer Youngblood responded Tuesday afternoon: “Our historians have found nothing in the Agency’s holdings to corroborate Mr. Brandon’s specific claims. The CIA has fielded numerous inquiries related to UFOs over the years, and the definitive account of the Agency’s role in UFO studies was published in 1997 and can be found — without redaction — on our website.

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