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The ET theory behind UFOs has long been a default mechanism for lack of better explanations to account for the appearance of mysterious aerial phenomena with technological overtones that baffle eyewitnesses, leave behind radar tracks, and sometimes impact weapons, flight and communications systems. Still, De Void gets nervous when researchers attempt to dialogue with politicians about “extraterrestrials.” They’d stand a better chance making introductory connections with a racial epithet.

But loaded language is exactly why the latest quixotic “We The People” White House petition from UFO lobbyist Stephen Bassett is noteworthy. Bassett is calling for the Obama administration to investigate a retired senior CIA official’s recent claims that the Agency is, in fact, in possession of material confirming the “extraterrestrial nature” of the 1947 Roswell controversy. Man-in-question Chase Brandon wasn’t some obscure bit player; he was the CIA’s public face in Hollywood when it came to determining whether or not to cooperate with big-screen storylines. Last month he stepped into a massive pile of self-inflicted doo-doo when he volunteered on a national radio show he’d examined a “Roswell” box in the CIA archives containing smoking-gun photos and official records of an ET crash in the desert.

Remember, he was a CIA agent. And CIA agents are known to be well trained liars -- it's an integral part of agency tradecraft. Therefore, caveat emptor.  To read more click here.