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Could this huge crop circle discovered in a Shropshire wheat field be a cryptic message from outer space?

According to UFO investigators, the 400-metre wide shape which appeared ‘overnight’ in a field by the western foothills of The Wrekin, mirrors the current position of the planets and could be from another world.

But according to farmer Ed Turner, who owns the field, it’s a case of ‘trespass and vandalism’ that’s caused hundreds of pounds of damage to his crop.

Extra terrestrial investigator Darren Perks, from UFO Shropshire, said: “Confirmed reports from local farmers say it appeared between 11pm on Saturday and 6am on Sunday.

“The circle represents a mirror type image of the pattern and location of the Moon, Saturn, Mars and the star Spica, also known as Spitor, which can be seen in the south western sky.

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